Obie Iyoha (of The Black Opera) Releases Debut Solo Album, "Midnight Run"

Artwork by Obie Iyoha

Artwork by Obie Iyoha

As the youngest member of the hip hop collective known as The Black Opera, Obie Iyoha has shown much promise over the years. First introduced in 2013 on TBO's 80z Babiez To The 2Gz mixtape ("The Hiatus," "The Goods," etc.), then appearing on its lauded The Great Year LP in 2014, and again on the group's latest Protect The Code compilation, the 25 year-old emcee/producer has now stepped into the spotlight with his debut solo album, Midnight Run, out today!

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Obie has crafted an opus that paints a sonic portrait chock-full of vivid imagery set to bass-heavy trap, upbeat boom-bap, and even four-on-the-floor dance music.

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Midnight Run is a journey through the murky-water trenches of southeast Michigan, otherwise known as 'Trippyville,' confronting the vices that the night has to offer. The album is laved with live instrumentation over a vibey production, taking listeners on a late night excursion through the inner city. Obie Iyoha may be a new name to some, but his vivid stories immerse you in his world and make you feel like it's your own.

Across the world, people put on the mask to reveal their faces. We are The Black Opera.
— #SpreadTheWarning #ProtectTheCode

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