Obie Iyoha Shares New Single "Lost In America" via The FADER

Photo by Megan LaCroix

Photo by Megan LaCroix

Obie Iyoha may be a new name to some, but the 25 year-old Nigerian-American emcee's vivid stories bring you into his world and make you feel like they're your own. "Lost In America," the first single from Obie's forthcoming solo debut album Midnight Run (out January 22nd), paints a colorful picture of his journey, with vivid scenes that play out over vibrant production by Chisom Uzosike.

The youngest member of the hip hop collective known as The Black Opera, Obie asserts his range as an artist, his wisdom beyond his years, and his Nigerian heritage.

‘Lost in America’ is a tale about the actions and consequences of peer pressure due to a lack of guidance. A looking-glass to going astray on the not so sunny side of America, as an African boy.
— Obie Iyoha

The song was shared exclusively on The FADER yesterday. Listen to "Lost In America" below. Pre-order Midnight Run on iTunes here.  

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