Léla Sophia & OlMac Dah Debut "Serenity/Love's Prayer" on AfroPunk.com

When two recent graduates of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music team up, the result is pure magic. Today, alumni Léla Sophia and OlMacDah (the contemporary alter ego of emerging jazz artist Dahi Divine) debut their new collaborative single "Serenity/Love's Prayer." The beautiful two-in-one offering opens with Sophia's ambient and meditative song "Serenity," which blends into OlMac Dah's powerful, dynamic pop ballad "Love's Prayer." The music eventually swells into grunge-tinged electronic/alt-rock, layered with vintage synthesizers, live drums and auto-tuned vocals by Olmac Dah.  

The two separate parts of the song compliment each other perfectly, wherein one serves as a response to the other.  

‘I need you I swear, this love is ours to share’ came out of me saying, ‘I can feel your energy and I can feel when you need me’; one is an extension of the other in a beautiful never ending prayer for love.
— Léla Sophia

Thank you to our friends at AfroPunk for premiering "Srenity/Love's Prayer."  Listen to the track below.