Jamall Bufford & Kensaye Debut New Single From New Album "Freedom Is"

After dedicating much of 2014 and early 2015 to touring and releasing music as part of The Black Opera, the collective's co-founding member Jamall Bufford teams up with London producer Kensaye for the release of  'Freedom Is' (out today).  The project serves as Buff's fifth solo album, and the official introduction of new TBO member  Kensaye.

The premiere of the album's lead single "Today" (featuring Magestik Legend) comes courtesy of The Source Magazine.

"A lot of people have an opinion on the state of rap music and the justice system in 2015. Some things have changed for the better, some for the worse, and some not at all. 'Today' discusses those topics." - Jamall Bufford

Listen to "Today" on Bandcamp .

Stream and download the new album 'Freedom Is' below: 

Watch part 1 of "Freedom Is" mini documentary on YouTube for a look at how this collaboration came about.: