Yellow Shoots Shares Stirring New Single 'Raven' via Wonderland Magazine

Greg Matthews (aka Yellow Shoots) has honed a masterful fusion of alternative soul and ambient electronic music that connects with the pain everyone feels when they want what they can't have in his new single "Raven." A stark contrast to the somber, misty grays and blues found in the Philly-bred/Brooklyn-based musician's previous release, "Stormy Weather," "Raven" accentuates Yellow Shoots' sprawling emotive palette.  

‘Raven’ is about a virulent relationship…. a mix of sexual addiction, tension and pain. The main character wants what he can’t have and is ultimately being destroyed by endless pain and longing.
— Yellow Shoots

Check out the world premiere of 'Raven' via Wonderland Magazine, and listen to the song via SoundCloud below.

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