First Generation Muslim-American Emcee Munch Aims To Break Down Stereotypes In New Video, Premiered By The RapFest

A first generation Muslim-American, young Detroit emcee Munch furthers his mission to use his music to challenge stereotypes of Muslims in America with his fun, new video for "Sriracha," from his sophomore solo album Beaches. "Sriracha" is the second video from the project behind the summer 2015 release of the video for "X Memories."

The video for ‘Sriracha’ depicts the everyday struggles of someone being held back from pursuing their dreams. The intro shows myself and Braaks working a dead end job that adds no motivation for creating music. As we get lost in a day dream of what we’d rather be doing, this relates back to the concept behind Beaches: a project that provides listeners with an escape from their everyday lives (just like going to the beach)... [it] really shows listeners the easy-going, fun-loving mentality I have as Munch.
— Munch

Check out the world premiere of the video and exclusive Q&A on The Rapfest.

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