Michigan Newcomer Tay Rhodes Shares Sophomore EP 'Purple Heart' on Mass Appeal

Following up the release of his 2015 debut EP Kame House, young Kalamazoo, Michigan rapper/producer Tay Rhodes, returns with his sophomore EP 'Purple Heart.'

With confident flows and quick-strike punchlines, Tay bridges the gap between sharp lyricism and trap music, advancing from his previous project to a darker, more refined sound laced by fellow Michigan producers on 'Purple Heart,' which is a personal body of work that represents Tay's resilience through life's ups and downs.

The title ‘Purple Heart’ comes from me taking L’s in life but still ending up winning; kind of like a soldier who got hit in battle but still came out of the war.
— Tay Rhodes via Mass Appeal

Link to Purple Heart Premiere + Q&A on Mass Appeal: http://goo.gl/LhJZyj

Listen to Purple Heart on SoundCloud below.