Amber Mimz Releases New Live EP 'Three,' Shares Music Video For 'Never Be' On

For Amber Mimz, the past three years have meant a lot. Since the 2013 release of her debut LP The Life of Riley, the DC-based funk/jazz/soul singer, songwriter, and producer has been busy perfecting her craft, not only as a musician, but as a jewelry designer and hair stylist, as well. That's multiple layers of threes, which is the theme of her brand new live EP aptly titled Three, out today.

To celebrate the release of her first project in three years, Amber has relinquished the Charles Bates-directed music video for the live recording of the EP's third and final song "Never Be."

[The number] three kept showing up in multiple ways in my life, right down to the number of times I’ve attempted a project like this over the last three years... While researching, I found that the number three symbolizes the principles of growth: one is the thought of an idea, and two is the fertility of that idea, which results in the creation of three, the final product. Then, out of all the demos and songs circulating at the time I felt strongly about these three to share. Thus you have the THREE EP.
— Amber Mimz

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