MH The Verb & ArtHouse95 Share Debut 'Owl' EP On

Artwork by  Alexandra Amenta

Artwork by Alexandra Amenta

Over the past two years since his third studio release, The Balloon Guide, with his balloonUP collective, Philly-based emcee, producer, and multi-media artist MH the Verb has been hard at work. Between his tireless live show schedule, recording new music, his weekly DJ residency at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory, and working with organizations to empower young people through art, MH has linked up with musician GR Stone and engineer Clyon to form the new Philly-based indie arts collective ArtHouse95.

Today, ArtHouse95 presents its soulful debut in the form of a three-track EP entitled Owl, which features production by indie favorites Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble, Ogi Feel The Beat, and VerbStone.

[When] I began working with George “Cylon” Casseus and GR Stone, our individual spirits and creativity gelled... We developed a common goal and purpose to curate audio and visual projects, mixing soul music with various other art forms, ideas, and spaces. We envisioned a place where different artists and creatives could come together and produce media around the concepts of positive vibes and progressive thought. Philadelphia [became] our new creative space for harnessing the various musicians, vocalists, rappers, DJs, and producers we work with.
— MH

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MH The Verb and his ArtHouse collective have an upcoming show April 28. Tickets are available here. You can get a taste of what to expect here.