New Documentary Film 'The BlackBoard' Challenges Status Quo Of Black America, Trailer Featuring Pro Black Skaters Released

Skateboarding among African-Americans has only in recent years become socially acceptable, popularized by the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams

"The BlackBoard" documentary film aims to challenge what it means to be black in America by examining the issue of acceptance within the black community through the lens of the age-old culture of skateboarding.

Produced and directed by attorney/indie filmmaker (and former skater, B-boy, and emcee/producer) Marquis Bradshaw, the film stars prominent black pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive a major corporate sponsorship).

I directed the blackboard in a manner to allow the skaters tell their own story without any filter but their own; I purposefully shied away from using a narrator or leading the skaters into eliciting certain answers to fit a specific agenda. I wanted the film to be as objective as humanly possible.
— Marquis Bradshaw

"The BlackBoard" is Bradshaw's debut film under his Another Kind of Son Rises Entertainment imprint and is tentatively set for a Spring 2016 release.

Watch 'The BlackBoard' Movie Trailer On Vimeo

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