Madelyn Brené Shares New Single 'Warm Up To You' On SoulBounce

Madelyn Brené

Dallas-based singer/songwriter and actress Madelyn Brené masterfully fuses contemporary soul with opera on her new single "Warm Up To You." Produced by Erskine Hawkins with vocal production by Britney Holmes, the song serves as the lead single from her forthcoming untitled follow-up project to her All Of Me EP, and marks a pivot in a new direction for Madelyn's sound.

[With ‘Warm Up To You’], I wanted to challenge myself... I wanted to marry the dramatic flair of opera with soul and hip hop... I was inspired by cinematic themes like the movie ‘Fifth Element’, the dramatic sound of the orchestra and sultriness of soul... Warm Up to You is a song that represents the ability to fully trust new beginnings in life. Warming up to and being comfortable with an idea, a person... an idea after heartache, pain or disappointment is not easy to do. This composition represents the preliminary stage of trust. It fully represents my journey as an artist and a woman to trust myself, my love and my music.
— Madelyn Brené

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