Rapper Big Pooh Releases Official Music Video For "Stop" Via HipHopDX

Rapper Big Pooh returns with a new video for the single, "Stop," from his poignant Words Paint Pictures EP produced entirely by Apollo Brown. Pooh has dedicated the project to illustrating the complicated issue of race in America.

The new video tackles some of the more subtle and nuanced issues faced by Americans. So much is said through the media and so many troubling stories are passed down that being Black in America can mean being constantly on the defensive.

The video begins with Rapper Big Pooh and crew driving, being followed by the police. Pooh gets pulled over, expecting the worst. Flashes of historic racial injustice flash in his head, now expecting to be treated differently because of the color of his skin. Surprisingly to him, he is only given a warning, leaving him to consider the double-edged sword of awareness.

Released March 24th, "Words Paint Pictures" is Pooh's debut project via powerhouse indie label, Mello Music Group.

Thank you to our friends at HipHopDX for the world premiere!