Magestik Legend feat. yU (of Diamond District) - "From Scratch"

Detroit hip hop's best kept secret, Magestik Legend (of masked rap crew The Black Opera) hits hard with his latest single "From Scratch," featuring and produced by yU of Diamond District. With tight drums and high hats, and razor sharp in-the-pocket flows, this standout track from Magestik's new solo album "Legend Has It" brings the classic "boom-bap" feel.  .

With guest features from yU (of Diamond District), fellow TBO members Jamall Bufford and Obie Iyoha, and production from 14KTThe Audible Doctor, and Magestik Legend himself, "Legend Has It" (available now) is the soundtrack to the waves of one man's life and the culmination of his efforts to solidify his place in the hip hop universe forever.

Listen to "From Scratch" on SoundCloud below.