Georgia Anne Muldrow Releases Debut Rap Album, "A Thoughtiverse Unmarred."

“Unmechanized the soul is divine
more opulent than rolex time.”
— Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Anne Muldrow is a seeker and truth-teller. The prophetic soul goddess's first rap album "A Thoughtiverse Unmarred," produced entirely by Chris Keys, is out today via Mello Music Group. 

Balancing a beautiful delivery with brutal honesty, the album's beats are dusty and suffused with warmth so overwhelming it practically radiates Vitamin D. The gritty drums and hypnotic loops.Georgia's rhymes are conscious, but more importantly, they speak to our deeper conscience.  These are the honest confessions of a mother who refuses to turn a blind eye to immediate and ancestral misdeeds. 

Listen to "A Thoughtiverse Unmarred" on Bandcamp below. Purchase on iTunes here.